About Us

Please take a deep breath, because we want to tell a long story about our website Herzhaft-film.com

We are proud to sell many TV series goodies that you might love. All are at competitive prices, easy shipping and secure payment method. Here are the TV series that involved in Herzhaft-film.com.

The Walking Dead

This is about the zombies journey of the Rick Grimmes and others. There are many goodies involved like Lucille bat, keychains,  figures and others.

Doctor Who

Ever want to have time travel stuff? This is the right place that you can get. Explore Tardis and The Doctor Who gears by shopping here.

Game of Thrones

Many of Stark goodies that you might interested, as well as Daenerys Targaryen stuff. Not only that, Tyrion and other Lannister stuff also available on Herzhaft-film.com.

Harry Potter

Jump into magical world with bunch of Harry Potter stuff. Play Quiditch with Ronald Weasley, and study with Hermione Granger using wooden wand. There are Hedwig, Lord Voldemortt, Luna Lovegood and other characters item too!

Star Trek

Explore galaxy universities with Spock and his friends. Find the nearest planet using any starplane and other space aircraft. We have many stuff that will entertain you.


One of great horror series, so does the stuff. There are many Sam Winchester stuff available here. There are demon, ghost and monster stuff as well.


Prove yourself as a Sherlock fans with 212B Baker Street merchandise. There are many cool items with Dr Watson picture. Not only that, entertain yourself with James Moriarty and Irene Adler stuff.


There are many stuff including Ragnar Lothbrok gears that you might love. Vikings goodies also available to choose here.

Grey Anatomy

Packed yourself with Meredith Grey and Richard Webber memories stuff. Feel the busy hospital life with printed T-Shirt merchandise. Other characters are available such as Derek Shepherd, Alex Karev and others.

Stranger Things

Another science horror series that the stuff is entertaining. The investigation of the young boy plot movies make the stuff are hard selling.